A well rounded team makes for better outcomes. We work with families, psychiatrists and therapists to extend a customised care package beyond the clinic. Mindwise Counselling & Training offers the following :

  • Needs Assessment:

A thorough needs assessment that is done in your home. This may take more than one session, depending on your situation. We assess your physical, social-cultural and environmental wellbeing. Referrals, if needed, are complimentary. This report can be sent to your therapist or psychiatrist, with your permission, to help them understand your circumstance if need be, and work with you to optimize your recovery. This can also be used for family members who want to ensure the best for their loved ones who stay alone. Nursing knowledge and care is harnessed In addition to boost physical and emotional well being.

  • Home care

Our staff will pay a home visit to assess improvements or deterioration. The frequency of our visits will depend on your requirements, but typically about 4 times a month.. We check on medications, check with you and your family to see how you are coping and are on hand to provide information, nursing care, emotional support and psycho-education. We are able to report these outcomes to your psychiatrist or therapist so that they have a much more complete idea of your situation.

  • Add on options from community support services.

Call us for a no obligation consultation on how we can customize our services to suit you.

Mindwise Counselling & Training aims to provide relational and experiential support to clients, and their families.
Here, we understand that at times it can be overwhelmingly difficult to cope alone, and we hope to bring our support closer you to home, and where you need it. Our prices are deliberately affordable to help you on your path. Here's how we can help:

  • Referrals

Unsure of whether you need psychiatrist or psychotherapy? Lost as to what kind of specific professional help you require? Let us give you some direction. We never receive referral fees from other professionals, and only refer based on our client's feedback, as well as our extensive working knowledge within the private psychiatric sector.

How: Simply drop us a mail or call us to arrange a face to face consultation. We'll send you a confidential email within 24 hours with at least 2 trusted options.

Fees:  30 minutes consultation ( $60 )

  • Telephone Support

Whether saddled with physical or mental health difficulties, it's not unusual to find ourselves or family members completely isolated. Whether just wanting to hear a friendly voice on the line, ask a question from a qualified mental health professional about a condition or simply needing to ventilate, we're here.

How: Simply drop us a mail or call us to help us understand your needs, and for us to conduct a brief screening.

Fees:  120 minutes with a max of 4 calls/month ( $200 )

           Weekends and Public holidays ( Additional $30/ call for 30 mins or less )

Hours: 9 AM - 6 PM

Requirements: We will need a next of kin contact number to be verified in case of emergencies.

  • Off-Site Support

This option allows one of our staff to assist you in your daily activities if you have a physical or mental health obstacle without needing counselling. Issues might include anxiety with getting around in public, nursing help or simply lending a hand to watch over your loved ones. A family member or helper must be present at all times if a home visit is required.

Fees:  A minimum of 2 hours, to a maximum of 4 hours, till 7PM. ($60 / Hour )
           On public holidays  ( Additional $30 / Hour)

Hours: 9 AM - 6 PM

Requirements: We will need a next of kin's contact number to be verified in case of emergencies.


*Staff availability, severity of condition and conditions apply for all community support services.

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